Robert M. McDermott


Robert McDermott is Of Counsel and specializes in patent prosecution and advising Collen IP on Patent Office practice and procedure. Robert McDermott specializes in patent prosecution and advising Collen IP on Patent Office practice and procedure. Robert's expertise has enabled him to write numerous patent applications covering a wide range of technologies, including business practice, circuits and systems, hardware and software, and mechanical designs. The field of applications have included image processing and image data base retrieval; cable and wireless communications systems; integrated circuit design and control systems; security and camera systems; data processing and search techniques; financial systems; computer and internet user interface; lighting and lamp designs; watch designs; plumbing fixtures; and others.

Prior to his legal career, Mr. McDermott worked for several years as an engineer and a corporate executive. He was Vice President of Engineering at two high-tech companies and was a Research Director at ITT’s Advanced Technology Center in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Aided Design. Because of his extensive engineering experience, Robert is able to draft high quality patent applications with minimal impact on the inventors, and is able to prepare highly persuasive arguments during patent prosecution process. Robert has applied his technical expertise in the areas of infringement and validity opinions, and has filled the role of chief technical advisor in a successful patent infringement defense.

Robert holds numerous patents in his name and has published and presented numerous technical papers at IEEE and ACM conferences. He has also published a book on Computer Aided Logic Design. Robert holds professional certifications in Engineering, Mathematics, and Statistics; he was a Captain in the U.S. Army, is Airborne and Ranger certified, and received the Meritorious Service Medal for technical achievements while serving at the National Security Agency.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the City University of New York, a Master of Science in Systems Engineering from George Washington University, a Master of Science in Computer Science from Polytechnic Institute of New York, and a Juris Doctor, cum laude, from Quinnipiac College. Robert is a member of the Connecticut bar, having achieved the highest multistate bar exam score in the state, and is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.