Back when we started practicing copyright law, it was an area mostly of interest to musicians, artists, and authors. Today, copyright is everywhere. Collen IP advises and represents clients on leading-edge copyright issues.

We have represented clients in numerous commercial copyright disputes before courts throughout the United States and took the so-called "first sale" doctrine of copyright law to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Collen IP regularly advises our clients on copyright law questions. Copyright also comes up in file sharing, use of images and designs, and licensing. One key to protection of copyright is a strong program of enforcement.

Copyright owners should identify their property. While this sounds very basic, today's marketplace touches almost every single company with a website and it is often difficult to determine who owns what – especially if great care is not exercised with outside suppliers, artists, designers and other vendors. Copyright law provides protection for what you own. A strong review of your website, promotional materials, and informational offerings is the best way to ensure you are not at risk for an infringement claim. These are areas where we can employ our great depth of background and experience to protect your copyrights.